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Intelligent lighting systems

The search for new strategies to make a more rational use of resources spurred the creation of intelligent lighting systems whose creation and evolution is intrinsically linked to the development of LED technology - acronym for Light Emitting Diode.

These systems intend to make use of telemetry (such as the temperature of the LED's or other parameters related to other components of the luminaire), the dimmable function in either the ambient light or time of day and the integration of communication technologies order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of public lighting system

Through continuous monitoring of fixtures, it is possible to decrease maintenance costs.

The SInGeLu

The intelligent lighting system is controlled from a web portal - the SInGeLu. The SInGeLu controls subsystems that in turn control sets of fixtures permanently and viewing platforms use online maps to locate either the fixtures or alarms via geotagging.

With SInGeLu the user has the possibility to control the lighting system and also consult the history of consumption, times of operation of lamps, lighting system malfunctions, among other parameters.

This solution allows a reduction of up to 40% of the total cost of the lighting system, through a combination of reduction in maintenance expenses combined with reduced total cost of public lighting.

[SInGeLu]™ is a trademark from Globaltronic, S.A.