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Currently is still prevalent in public lighting systems conventional luminaires, including Sodium Vapor and/or Metal Halide. Notwithstanding the great advance of LED technology - an acronym for Light Emitting Diode, its installation cost is still considerably higher when compared to conventional lamps. However, those lamps allow more efficient management of energy consumption and allow large reductions in operating costs.

A Public Intelligent Lighting System combines traditional systems with a communications network. This network allows to monitor and control lamps - regardless of their type - thus enabling reduce electricity costs, maintenance costs and reduce the emission of CO2.

In order to participate in this movement, Globaltronic developed an electronic kit to integrate into Vapor Sodium, Metal Halide and LED's luminaires allowing a remote management via wireless communications. With this ability it is possible to achieve electricity consumption reductions from 30% to 70%.

Through a software application that integrates the communications protocol released by Globaltronic, any Public Lighting Managment Entity can communicate with its infrastructure remotely, using a web interface.

[SInGeLu] is a software application that incorporates such communications protocol that enables the collection of data about consumption, information from different sensors, the parameterization of usage profiles and the remote control of lighting.

[SInGeLu]™ is a trademark from Globaltronic, S.A.